February 2023

Larry MacDonald also writes for the Globe and Mail and a Blog about Shopify The notion of a soft landing gained ascendency in recent weeks as strength…

January 2023

The anonymity of cryptocurrencies makes it easy for criminals to flourish. We’re reminded of this by news today that ransomware group Hive was busted by…
It’s time for the 20th annual update

December 2022

French author Marcel Proust (1871-1922) is often called “the greatest novelist of the 20th century.” His masterpiece, À la recherche du temps perdu, is…

November 2022

My financial sources are filled these days with gloomy charts. There could be more downside! Even so, keep compiling that list of cheap stocks, bonds…
Leading the way to lower inflation is Brazil, of all places

September 2022

GICs seem to be muscling in on bonds

August 2022

Maybe it could help you invest better?

July 2022

Bear markets bring bargains

June 2022

In the explore part of my core-and-explore portfolio, one idea is working well in this bear market, delivering an average gain of 25% on 1- to 2-month…
And a debacle ensues